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Arabel's Raven (Arabel and Mortimer) by Joan Aiken with Quentin Blake (illus). (2007 - Ages 9-12)
Young Arabel's life is changed forever when her father, a taxi driver, brings home an injured bird he finds in the street. This wacky raven eats everything in sight, answers the telephone by squawking "Nevermore!" and causes chaos wherever he goes--but Arabel loves her new feathered friend, whom she names Mortimer.

Bob, Huey & Me by Rick and Diana Boufford. (2009)
This book is the beginning of our real life adventures with wild ravens. Bob, a wounded crow was a necessary introduction to corvid behavior and life. But because Bob was an adult, he never really enjoyed our company. But then Huey, a baby raven too young to fly came into our care and our world was changed forever. This is the amazing true story of Huey, a young raven that adopted us as his parents, then learned to feed, fly and fend for himself.

Charlie's Raven by Jean Craighead George. (2006 - Ages 9-12)
Charlie’s beloved grandfather is ill, and Charlie will do anything to save him. He brings home Blue Sky, a lively baby raven, because his Native American friends claim the intelligent birds have powerful medicine. Grandfather, a naturalist, is intrigued and urges Charlie to keep a nature journal about Blue Sky. But caring for—and protecting—a wild creature is a huge responsibility. Charlie’s observations teach him wondrous things about ravens—and some surprising lessons about humans.

It Wasn't Me! by U. Weigelt and J. Gukova with Udo Weigelt and Julia Gukova (contributors). (2008 - Ages 9-12)
Ferret's luscious raspberries are missing. Mouse is sure he knows just who the culprit is; Raven stole Hamster's gold, so she must be guilty. But Raven vehemently denies it and sets about unmasking the real thieves--a colony of ants who carried off the delicious berries. All ends happily, with everyone feasting on raspberries thanks to Ferret's generosity, having learned about the dangers of jumping to conclusions.

Mistmantle Chronicles Book Four, The: Urchin and the Raven War by M.I. Mcallister. (2008 - Ages 9-12)
After his last adventures, Urchin of the Riding Stars has taken his place as a trusted member of the Circle in King Crispin's court. But daily life is disrupted when Lord Arcneck and other inhabitants of Swan Isle come to Mistmantle asking for help. Their home has been taken over by bloodthirsty ravens that are attacking them and ravaging everything in sight. The brave animals of Mistmantle rush to the aid of their friends, but the vengeful ravens are powerful and won't stop until they hunt down and destroy every creature on the island.

Myths and Legends of Haida Indians of the Northwest: The Children of the Raven by Martine Reid. (1988 - Ages 9-12)
The great stories of the Haida Indians are told by Dr. Reid, wife of a great Indian artist. The complicated tales of Raven, Eagle, Bear Mother, etc., are unfolded; the art is magnificent!

Raven (The) by Edgar Allen Poe. (An Amazon Short - free of charge)
Amazon Shorts content is available exclusively at Amazon.com/Shorts. Amazon Shorts are delivered electronically and available in PDF, HTML and text e-mail formats. Amazon Shorts are yours forever - after purchase, you can read them anytime by visiting Your Media Library. You are free to print Amazon Shorts to read in hard copy form at your convenience.

Raven: A Trickster Tale from the Pacific Northwest by Gerald McDermott. (2001 - Ages 4-8))
Raven, the trickster, wants to give people the gift of light. But can he find out where Sky Chief keeps it? And if he does, will he be able to escape without being discovered? His dream seems impossible, but if anyone can find a way to bring light to the world, wise and clever Raven can!

Raven's Gate (The Gatekeepers) by Anthony Horowitz. (2008 - Ages 9-12)
As punishment for a crime he didn't really commit, Matt was given a choice: go to jail or go live with an old woman named Mrs. Deverill in a remote town called Lesser Malling. He should have chosen jail.
A strange and sinister plan is coming together made in Lesser Malling, with Matt at the center of it all. People who try to help him disappear . . . or die. It all ties to an evil place named Raven's Gate - a place whose destiny is horrifyingly intertwined with Matt's own.

Raven (The) (Visions in Poetry) by Edgar Allen Poe with Ryan Price (illus). (2006 - Young Adult)
Visions in Poetry is an exciting and unique series of classic poems illustrated by outstanding contemporary artists in stunning hardcover editions. The fifth book in the series, Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven," delves into the hidden horrors of the human psyche. Originally published in 1845, the poem is narrated by a melancholy scholar brooding over Lenore, a woman he loved who is now lost to him. One bleak December at midnight, a raven with fiery eyes visits the scholar and perches above his chamber door. Struggling to understand the meaning of the word his winged visitant repeats -- "Nevermore!" -- the narrator descends by stages into madness.

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Black Raven Sterling Silver Birds of Beauty Hook Earrings
It is no wonder that ravens are sacred animals, large and powerful; full of graceful intelligence they are quite impressive. The harbingers of lost souls these birds are identified with Morrigan, Hecate and Odin. If you look closely enough at their deep black plumage a rainbow of colors will appear, helping us to see that even in the darkness beauty can still exist.

Celtic Raven Ruis Elder Silver Tone PEWTER Pendant Necklace
Druid Animal: The raven symbolizes healing and protection.
Tree: Elder - The elder tree was sacred to the fairies and branches were hung above stables to protect horses from evil spirits. It was unlucky to burn elder and an omen of death to bring it indoors. Elder people are self sufficient, lively, impetuous and outspoken. they dislike routine and refuse to be pressured by others. Restless and highly energetic, they thrive on change and need constant mental and physical challenge. Elders must learn to use change as a positive force in their lives or they can become reckless and confused.

Crescent Raven Bracelet
Bracelet is 1 inches tall by 2 inches wide. Sterling Silver - Copyright 2005 Designed by visionary artist Paul Borda of Dryad Design using the highest quality materials and considered to be some of the finest and most sought after jewelry in the world.

Oval Raven and Night Sky Pendant in Sterling Silver on a 24" Rhodium and Sterliing Snake Chain, #8518
Raven is showcased in this oval pendant made of solid sterling silver. The full moon, cresent moon and stars also adorn this pendant for a mystical scene. Dramatic and unique! The Raven is the creature of metamorphosis, symbolizing change and transformation.

Raven Crow Poe Earrings Limited Edition Violano Jewelry
Our stylish button earrings are unique, artistic, funky and fun to wear! 1" button earrings have metal shell with protective Mylar coating. Retro 70's-style button earrings with fish hook style closure. Items are made to order in our overseas factory and shipped via US Mail. Please allow 14 Business Days for Delivery.

Raven Pentacle Pendant
Pendant is 1 inches tall by 1 inches wide. Sterling Silver - Copyright 2005 Designed by visionary artist Paul Borda of Dryad Design using the highest quality materials and considered to be some of the finest and most sought after jewelry in the world.

Raven Pentacle Toe Ring
Ring face is 0.4375 inches tall by 0.4375 inches wide. Sterling Silver - Copyright 2005 Designed by visionary artist Paul Borda of Dryad Design using the highest quality materials and considered to be some of the finest and most sought after jewelry in the world.

Raven Moon Pendant in Sterling Silver on an 18" Sterling Silver and Rhodium Snake Chain, #8699
The 'messenger' and the 'protector', the Raven is a powerful animal or totem. This sterling silver Raven is centered in the moon. A unique and unusual pendant for those who want something with individuality. Beautifully detailed in sterling silver. This pendant measures 1 1/8" wide and is 3/4" in length. Raven pendant is suspended on an 18" rhodium treated sterling silver snake chain.

Raven Pendant - Large Pentacle
Pendant is 1.5 inches tall by 1.5 inches wide. Sterling Silver - Copyright 2003 Designed by visionary artist Paul Borda of Dryad Design using the highest quality materials and considered to be some of the finest and most sought after jewelry in the world.

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All ravens are black (idea) from everything2.

Dark and Noble Ravens from Squidoo.com.

Mind of the Raven: Investigations and Adventures with Wolf-Birds.

Raven - from Wikipedia.

Raven Information: Eldrbarry, has a site which is a good source for knowledge about Raven.

Raven in Mythology from ravenfamily.org.

Raven Stories.

Raven Stories.

Raven (Crow( Stories

Ravens, Crows & birds of ill omen from shades-of-night.com.

Rubbish wildlife and ravenous ravens from bbc.co.uk.

"The Talking Raven Who Became a Hero" (Omar, the Amazing Raven).
Story of a heroic raven who befriended a soldier in Iraq, saved lives and ended up living in Montana.
Phil Rowe, Author

The Raven Diaries. Promoting Earth Stewardship for Wildlife and Nature Reserves. We're passionate to share our love for wildlife and to do what we can to help preserve our National, State, County and City Wildlife Reserves and Sanctuaries.

Listening to Raven, a blog by Beth Surdut 2008. Some beautiful artwork of ravens.

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Advice and References from Storytellers, Teachers & Librarians
(excerpts from Storytell posts plus original research)

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1) What is the difference between a crow and a raven? (from FAQs about Ravens)

Crows and ravens, although in the same genus (Corvus) are different birds. (Think of leopards and tigers; both are in the genus Panthera, and are obviously related, but they are quite distinct animals.) The words "crow" and "raven" themselves have little or no real taxonomic meaning. That is, the Australian "ravens" are more closely related to the Australian "crows" than they are to the Common Raven (Corvus corax). In general, the biggest black species, usually with shaggy throat feathers, are called ravens and the smaller species are considered crows.

Common Ravens can be told from American Crows by a couple of things. The size difference, which is huge, is only useful with something else around to compare them with. Ravens are as big as Red-tailed Hawks, and crows are, well, crow sized. The wedge-shaped tail of the raven is a good character, if you can see it well. Crows sometimes show an apparent wedge shape to the tail, but almost never when it is fanned as the bird soars or banks (except for a brief time during molt in the summer).

More subtle characters include: ravens soar more than crows. If you see a "crow" soaring for more than a few seconds, check it a second time. Crows never do the somersault in flight that Common Ravens often do. Ravens are longer necked in flight than crows. The larger bill of the raven can be seen in flight, but it is actually less apparent than the long neck. Raven wings are shaped differently than are crow wings, with longer primaries ("fingers") with more slotting between them. As my neighbor said, "Ravens are the ones whose wings you can see through." The longer primaries make the wings look more bent at the wrist than a crow as the bird flies, and the "hand" portion can look nearly pointed.

If seen perched in a good look, the huge bill and shaggy throat of a raven are diagnostic. The upper and lower edges of the bill are parallel for most of their length (3/4?) in ravens, while in crows the downward curve starts somewhere around 2/3 of the way out for males, and about halfway for females.

But remember, ravens are pretty uncommon around here [Ithaca, NY]. If you see a "really big crow!", chances are good that it really is a crow. Yes, there are large crows and small ones, but you couldn't ever tell which was which. Any difference in size (380g - 660g is the weight range around here; 800 - 950 mm wingspan) among individuals is not detectable, in that the range of appearance of a single crow (by fluffing or sleeking its feathers) is greater.

American Crows make the familiar "caw-caw," but also have a large repertoire of rattles, clicks, and even clear bell-like notes. However, they never give anything resembling the most common calls of Common Ravens. The most familiar call of a raven is a deep, reverberating croaking or "gronk-gronk." Only occasionally will a raven make a call similar to a crow's "caw" but even then it is so deep as to be fairly easily distinguished from a real crow. Ravens also make a huge variety of different notes. It has been said (attributed to native Americans) that if you hear something in the forest that you cannot identify (assuming you know all the common forest sounds), it is a raven.
Source: http://www.birds.cornell.edu/crows/crowfaq.htm#raven

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